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Drive One Select – Latest Certified Pre-Owned

Drive One (Pvt) Ltd, the authorized agents for Audi in Sri Lanka bring in our expertise in sales and marketing to you, to assist in selling your valued automobile and upgrade your automobile to a latest certified pre-owned car through “Drive One Select” service portal. Our main goal is to offer you the utmost convenience during the upgrade and sale of your pre-owned automobile. Drive one select Audi cars under-go a 300point technical inspection to ensure 100% transparency is available to you.

Why chose “Drive One Select”

> Competent sales team to handle the sale on your behalf
> Convenient location with ample parking facility
> Access to our 10,000+ Premium customer base
> Multiple social media platforms dedicated to promote pre-owned cars
> Handling of documentation and transfer process
> Facilitation of valuations
> Safety of test drives and demonstrations